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Languages I’m Skilled In

HTML5, CSS3 & Sass

With over 5 years experience in HTML and CSS doing pet projects and advancing my Sass skills


I have helped over 20 businesses by creating single and multi-page WordPress sites based off of beautiful designer mock ups while working at AJ Creative

Other Skills Include

Bootstrap, RESTful API, Axios, Twilio

JavaScript & React.js

I love working with React and JavaScript to make sites more dynamic and interactive

MERN Full stack development

MERN stands for Mongo DB, Express, React.js and Node
One project that I had a lot of fun creating was a lorem ipsum like generator. Crafting a placeholder paragraph made from quotes of the show Letterkenny
Check it out here

Other Skills Include

Bootstrap, RESTful API, Axios, Twilio

Languages in the works

Python and React Native

Recent Work

Some WordPress sites I constructed while working with AJ Creative



A Little About Me

I’ve been in love with coding since my first javascript error.

A javascript learning program I was working on, was supposed to have a fish change colour as it crossed the screen, instead it strobed after I hit enter. I wasn’t upset that I had failed, I was fascinated and wanted to find out what went wrong.
After 3 years of using html, css and JavaScript to create pet projects and fun mock sites, I took the plunge and enrolled in Brainstation’s Full Stack Bootcamp. A far cry from my college diploma in veterinary technology and work history in customer service but I loved every day of it (when I wasn’t cursing the hide and seek semi-colon) as I learned the steps to become a full stack developer.
Shortly after completing the course and a couple freelance projects, I spent 10 months learning the ins and outs of WordPress at AJ Creative making over 20 sites for wonderful local businesses.
Now I’m looking to trek down another great adventurous path.

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